Heat & Air Services

We Repair All Heat & Air Brands

If you suspect a problem with your heating or ac system we’ll arrive on the scene to diagnose the issue and implement a repair solution that works within your budget.

Common Heating & Air System Repairs

Experiencing small repairs and maintenance with your heating or ac system is normal. Some of the most common repairs include:

Thermostat issues: Malfunctioning thermostat – If you adjust your thermostat temperature but it doesn’t come on, you could have a broken thermostat or need a new battery or it could be a more complex repair. 

Clogged air filters: An efficient heating system needs a clean air filter to provide a steady stream of fresh air to the system. With a clogged filter, your system will need to work harder and it will put additional strain on the system.

Mechanical issues: Damaged belts, blower motors, and faulty bearings are all issues that can arise in the heating system and cause problems that require repair.

It’s important to repair a heating or air conditioner system early in order to avoid sudden system breakdowns and higher repair costs. In addition, the sooner you repair your system, the lower your monthly bills may be, and the longer your system can last. 

How to Save Money on Heating and Air Conditioner Costs

Try some of the following tips to save money on your monthly heating bills:

Change your air filter at least quarterly but check it monthly. Change it more often if your home has pets, allergy sufferers or smokers.

Invest in routine inspections and maintenance of your system. We recommend twice per year. Call us to discuss our low priced annual maintenance agreement.

New System Installations

Central air, the HVAC system consisting of a network of ducts installed out of view within your home, is the most popular and prevalent type of heating and cooling option. With your furnace and AC connected to the ducts, the only visible evidence of the heating and cooling system are the small vents that blow air throughout the rooms.

Central air is one of the most affordable options for your new construction home. Ducts used to account for a high percentage of heat and energy loss. Today, ducts are designed to lose as little air as possible. We take care to install your ducts correctly the first time so they work as they should.

Ductless systems have their own distinct advantages. Zoning capabilities are easy with ductless systems. You don’t have to buy the most expensive smart thermostat and HVAC equipment to zone your ductless system. With ductless, you also experience no energy loss via ducts because the treated air doesn’t travel through anything to reach you. The ductless system produces it and delivers it in one spot.

There are a lot of choices out there and we know it can get confusing. Our staff has the experience to design and properly size the heating and air conditioning system to maximize your comfort and minimize the operating costs. Let us discuss your house plans with you and we can customize an air system that will fit your needs. Best of all, there is no cost or obligation if you don't choose us!

Existing HVAC Replacements

If you notice any of the following signs in your home, it may be time to replace your furnace or air conditioner with a newer, more modern model.

Rising gas or electrical bills from having an inefficient system.

The unit has required extensive or frequent repairs in the past two years.

A yellow, flickering pilot light indicates that there is excess carbon monoxide in the system and should be dealt with quickly.

Soot around the floor and base of the furnace is another indication of excess carbon monoxide and should be handled by a professional right away.

Other Signs to Look For

A typical furnace or air conditioner will last between 15 and 20 years in your home. During this time, it’s common to require small repairs and maintenance. It’s recommended that you replace your units when it starts to show signs of wear and tear, and the cost to maintain the system goes up. If your furnace is losing efficiency or requiring frequent repairs, it’s often better to replace the unit.

Why Hire a Professional?

Our team of expert installers will install your new HVAC system into your home. Our installers all have many years of experience in HVAC, have completed extensive installation training and complete additional training each year. Proper installation of HVAC systems will make a big difference in the comfort level you feel in your home, the efficiency of the new system and its durability.